Baillie Gifford Q4 2022 significant ownership

Baillie Gifford is required to file a 13D/G report to the SEC when the ownership of a company's total stock issue exceeds 5%.

Baillie Gifford Q4 2022 significant holdings filed using form 13D/G when ownership exceeds 5% of a company's total stock issue.
Shares Percentage
Oscar Health, Inc.5,430,8113.0%December 01, 2022EDGAR
PELOTON INTERACTIVE, INC.2,054,9870.7%November 07, 2022EDGAR
BEYOND MEAT, INC.4,3880.0%October 06, 2022EDGAR
LendingTree, Inc.626,1424.9%October 05, 2022EDGAR
Burning Rock Biotech Ltd337,8930.4%July 05, 2022EDGAR
Teladoc Health, Inc.7,739,6234.8%July 05, 2022EDGAR
Zai Lab Ltd46,935,8004.8%July 05, 2022EDGAR
Tencent Music Entertainment Group36,655,6474.4%June 07, 2022EDGAR
AXON ENTERPRISE, INC.2,792,6443.9%May 04, 2022EDGAR
HUYA Inc.2,133,7402.5%May 03, 2022EDGAR
Allbirds, Inc.3,068,5413.8%April 06, 2022EDGAR
iClick Interactive Asia Group LtdSold out00.0%April 06, 2022EDGAR
Pacira BioSciences, Inc.2,170,7074.8%March 02, 2022EDGAR
Digimarc CORP857,6454.8%February 03, 2022EDGAR
STERICYCLE INC4,337,9214.7%February 03, 2022EDGAR
Vimeo, Inc.7,372,1574.7%February 03, 2022EDGAR
ZILLOW GROUP, INC.6,416,2893.4%February 03, 2022EDGAR
Vroom, Inc.11,864,9788.7%January 27, 2022EDGAR
iClick Interactive Asia Group Ltd2,958,8747.0%January 20, 2022EDGAR
DEXCOM INC4,700,3804.8%December 06, 2021EDGAR
ZILLOW GROUP, INC.363,3190.6%December 06, 2021EDGAR
Stitch Fix, Inc.8280.0%October 06, 2021EDGAR
GLAUKOS Corp2,020,3254.3%October 05, 2021EDGAR
TAL Education Group7,355,2805.0%October 05, 2021EDGAR
Unity Biotechnology, Inc.2,479,0684.5%July 01, 2021EDGAR
Yext, Inc.Sold out00.0%July 01, 2021EDGAR
Eventbrite, Inc.592,0590.8%June 07, 2021EDGAR
RITCHIE BROS AUCTIONEERS INC5,429,8745.0%February 03, 2021EDGAR
Blue Capital Reinsurance Holdings Ltd.615,6587.0%January 20, 2021EDGAR
Interactive Brokers Group, Inc.4,250,5694.7%December 02, 2020EDGAR
KIRBY CORPSold out00.0%November 03, 2020EDGAR
IONIS PHARMACEUTICALS INC4,920,8433.5%October 02, 2020EDGAR
NOW Inc.100,0000.1%October 02, 2020EDGAR
MakeMyTrip Ltd2,865,2304.5%September 03, 2020EDGAR
Tesla, Inc.39,630,7584.2%September 02, 2020EDGAR
GrubHub Inc.4,170,6204.5%August 05, 2020EDGAR
MARKETAXESS HOLDINGS INC1,555,1564.1%August 05, 2020EDGAR
MYRIAD GENETICS INCSold out00.0%July 07, 2020EDGAR
Tencent Music Entertainment Group41,071,4123.1%July 06, 2020EDGAR Group Ltd3,206,2084.3%May 04, 2020EDGAR
bluebird bio, Inc.872,2741.6%November 05, 2019EDGAR
Baidu, Inc.4,626,6714.3%September 06, 2019EDGAR
APACHE CORP18,430,2814.9%August 05, 2019EDGAR
Under Armour, Inc.Sold out00.0%March 07, 2019EDGAR
SEATTLE GENETICS INC /WA6,611,1974.1%December 06, 2018EDGAR
Invesco Senior Income Trust8,873,1004.9%August 07, 2018EDGAR
Voya PRIME RATE TRUST5,871,9814.0%June 04, 2018EDGAR
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.76,796,4425.0%May 04, 2018EDGAR
Workday, Inc.6,896,8424.9%April 09, 2018EDGAR
Juno Therapeutics, Inc.Sold out00.0%March 09, 2018EDGAR
FINANCIAL ENGINES INC504,9170.8%February 07, 2018EDGAR
Invesco Senior Income Trust10,470,6185.8%January 31, 2018EDGAR
ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISES LTD9,998,8824.6%November 01, 2017EDGAR
China Biologic Products Holdings, Inc.1,334,8204.9%October 10, 2017EDGAR
Yandex N.V.10,471,0013.8%September 06, 2017EDGAR
TERADYNE, INC9,124,4124.6%August 07, 2017EDGAR
RYANAIR HOLDINGS PLC59,407,9514.7%July 07, 2017EDGAR
TripAdvisor, Inc.4,261,8323.3%May 08, 2017EDGAR
FIRST REPUBLIC BANK7,304,2894.6%April 06, 2017EDGAR
New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc.7,794,7394.9%March 10, 2017EDGAR
SPLUNK INC6,757,5575.0%March 10, 2017EDGAR
Protalix BioTherapeutics, Inc.Sold out00.0%January 04, 2017EDGAR
Dolby Laboratories, Inc.1,851,1483.2%December 07, 2016EDGAR
MARKEL CORP678,9314.8%December 07, 2016EDGAR
Autohome Inc.3,847,8043.4%August 08, 2016EDGAR
LendingClub CorpSold out00.0%June 07, 2016EDGAR
ARM HOLDINGS PLC140,860,87910.0%May 05, 2016EDGAR
EMBRAER S.A.33,209,2004.5%May 05, 2016EDGAR
INTUITIVE SURGICAL INC1,635,4064.3%April 07, 2016EDGAR
Mindray Medical International LTDSold out00.0%March 07, 2016EDGAR
ULTRA PETROLEUM CORPSold out00.0%March 07, 2016EDGAR
HARLEY DAVIDSON INC5,785,4073.0%February 09, 2016EDGAR
STRATASYS LTD.2,397,5964.6%February 08, 2016EDGAR
FLIR SYSTEMS INC2,510,1271.8%November 09, 2015EDGAR
Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc.Sold out00.0%September 08, 2015EDGAR
CASTLIGHT HEALTH, INC.1,794,8204.5%September 08, 2015EDGAR
WHOLE FOODS MARKET INC17,100,0584.7%April 03, 2015EDGAR
YOUKU TUDOU INC.6,504,5663.8%September 09, 2014EDGAR
CREDICORP LTD3,693,6794.6%June 05, 2014EDGAR
RACKSPACE HOSTING, INC.Sold out00.0%June 04, 2014EDGAR
VISTAPRINT N.V.Sold out00.0%February 03, 2014EDGAR
FIRST SOLAR, INC.Sold out00.0%April 04, 2012EDGAR
VCA ANTECH INCSold out00.0%July 05, 2011EDGAR
IRON MOUNTAIN INCSold out00.0%January 25, 2011EDGAR
iSHARES INCSold out00.0%January 25, 2011EDGAR
POOL CORPSold out00.0%January 25, 2011EDGAR
SINA CORP2,197,6773.6%January 25, 2011EDGAR
Baidu, Inc.1,537,2605.9%February 08, 2010EDGAR
GETTY IMAGES INCSold out00.0%February 06, 2008EDGAR
POOL CORP6,015,92712.7%February 06, 2008EDGAR
RYLAND GROUP INC148,7820.4%February 06, 2008EDGAR

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