BLUEBIRD BIO INC shareholders Q2 2023

BLUEBIRD BIO INC's ticker is BLUE and the CUSIP is 09609G100. A total of 169 filers reported holding BLUEBIRD BIO INC in Q2 2023. The put-call ratio across all filers is 2.66 and the average weighting 0.0%.

BLUEBIRD BIO INC shareholders Q2 2023
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
TANG CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC 7,382,827$24,289,5013.58%
PFM Health Sciences, LP 7,285,121$23,968,0480.93%
Endurant Capital Management LP 281,441$925,9410.81%
Lion Point Capital, LP 531,256$1,747,8320.79%
Birchview Capital, LP 249,200$819,8680.62%
Granahan Investment Management 4,856,322$15,977,2990.49%
Frazier Life Sciences Management, L.P. 1,709,907$5,625,5940.34%
Ikarian Capital, LLC 412,628$1,357,5450.22%
Summit X, LLC 222,445$731,8700.18%
Virtus ETF Advisers LLC 89,022$292,8820.17%
PROFUND ADVISORS LLC 294,681$969,5000.05%
Baker Brothers Advisors 2,499,715$8,224,0620.05%
JACOBS LEVY EQUITY MANAGEMENT, INC 2,090,910$6,879,0940.04%
Ghisallo Capital Management LLC 100,000$329,0000.04%
Rafferty Asset Management, LLC 1,837,462$6,045,2500.03%
Woodline Partners LP 782,892$2,575,7150.03%
Jump Financial, LLC 222,260$731,2350.03%
CAXTON ASSOCIATES LP 52,925$174,1230.03%
CHANNEL WEALTH LLC 12,500$41,1250.02%
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