Workday Inc Cl A shareholders Q4 2022

Workday Inc Cl A's ticker is WDAY and the CUSIP is 98138H101. A total of 201 filers reported holding Workday Inc Cl A in Q4 2022. The put-call ratio across all filers is 0.71 and the average weighting 0.2%.

Workday Inc Cl A shareholders Q4 2022
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
Loup Funds, LLC 50,143$8,390,4284.76%
Sustainable Growth Advisers, LP 4,011,014$671,1634.37%
HARBOR CAPITAL ADVISORS, INC. 22,960$3,841,8973.73%
MONTRUSCO BOLTON INVESTMENTS INC. 739,447$118,479,5362.75%
MIZUHO MARKETS AMERICAS LLC 250,781$41,963,1852.47%
LYELL WEALTH MANAGEMENT, LP 88,168$14,753,1512.33%
BRISTOL JOHN W & CO INC /NY/ 531,979$89,016,0462.12%
Rheos Capital Works Inc. 200,900$33,6172.02%
Aquila Investment Management LLC 14,000$2,342,6201.81%
Chicago Capital, LLC 186,963$31,284,4671.73%
China Universal Asset Management Co., Ltd. 22,900$3,8321.54%
MCRAE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT INC 27,942$4,675,5351.37%
Baillie Gifford 7,386,848$1,236,0421.29%
EFG Asset Management (North America) Corp. 26,663$4,473,7851.00%
SCOUT INVESTMENTS, INC. 270,549$45,270,9640.92%
Silvant Capital Management LLC 68,820$11,515,6510.82%
Ardevora Asset Management LLP 260,210$43,5410.74%
Bray Capital Advisors 11,929$1,996,0800.62%
Arcus Capital Partners, LLC 9,239$1,545,9620.62%

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