NU HLDGS LTD shareholders Q1 2023

NU HLDGS LTD's ticker is and the CUSIP is G6683N103. A total of 291 filers reported holding NU HLDGS LTD in Q1 2023. The put-call ratio across all filers is 0.49 and the average weighting 2.3%.

NU HLDGS LTD shareholders Q1 2023
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
Malka Meyer 1,209,160$5,755,602100.00%
Technology Crossover Management X, Ltd. 116,211,350$553,166,02684.42%
Ribbit Capital GP III, Ltd. 38,268,345$182,157,32280.45%
Galileo (PTC) Ltd 415,539,300$1,977,967,06858.54%
Redpoint Management, LLC 42,391,274$201,782,46437.68%
Bullfrog Capital GP, Ltd. 8,819,028$41,978,57325.11%
Kontiki Capital Management (HK) Ltd. 50,873,325$242,157,02724.50%
Ribbit Bullfrog GP II, Ltd. 6,990,700$33,275,73223.89%
Absoluto Partners Gestao de Recursos Ltda 12,558,663$59,779,23623.52%
SC US (TTGP), LTD. 414,614,359$1,973,564,34923.27%
ATMOS CAPITAL GESTAO DE RECURSOS LTDA. 16,275,227$77,470,08122.46%
WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY 17,174,559$81,750,90121.55%
Invus Financial Advisors, LLC 5,582,950$26,574,84217.31%
University of Wisconsin Foundation 1,909,267$9,088,11117.28%
Absoluto Partners Gestao de Recursos Ltda 6,600,000$31,416,00012.36%
Kora Management LP 10,116,000$48,152,16011.06%
Sands Capital Ventures, LLC 9,156,347$43,584,21210.77%
Genesis Investment Management, LLP 17,394,682$82,7998.99%
Octahedron Capital Management L.P. 781,679$3,720,7927.97%

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