Twitter Inc shareholders Q2 2022

Twitter Inc's ticker is TWTR and the CUSIP is 90184L102. A total of 672 filers reported holding Twitter Inc in Q2 2022. The put-call ratio across all filers is 1.57 and the average weighting 0.2%.

Twitter Inc shareholders Q2 2022
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
Bandera Partners LLC 992,000$37,09114.59%
Twin Securities, Inc. 240,200$8,9818.91%
Pentwater Capital Management LP 18,083,000$676,1237.94%
Segantii Capital Management Ltd 7,300,000$272,9476.75%
Empirical Capital Management, LLC 183,561$6,8636.75%
Beryl Capital Management LLC 1,615,286$60,4126.24%
Regal Partners Ltd 877,432$32,8076.23%
Twin Securities, Inc. 165,200$6,1776.13%
Quinn Opportunity Partners LLC 1,584,860$59,2585.47%
Forager Funds Management Pty Ltd 83,227$3,1124.91%
Melqart Asset Management (UK) Ltd 1,555,711$58,1684.50%
Maso Capital Partners Ltd 200,000$7,4784.22%
Teton Capital Partners 733,050$27,4094.22%
Sycale Advisors (NY) LLC 308,780$11,5454.12%
Steamboat Capital Partners, LLC 300,000$11,3403.90%
MENLO ADVISORS LLC 151,577$5,6673.76%
Vazirani Asset Management LLC 75,000$2,8043.63%
Berry Street Capital Management LLP 725,000$27,1083.39%
PRECEPT MANAGEMENT LLC 40,000$1,4963.35%

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