International Value Advisers - Q4 2018 holdings

$3.28 Billion is the total value of International Value Advisers's 26 reported holdings in Q4 2018. The portfolio turnover from Q3 2018 to Q4 2018 was 21.2% .

 Value Shares↓ Weighting
BRKA SellBerkshire Hathaway Inc.-Cl Acl a$543,040,0000.0%1,186
ORCL SellOracle Corp$293,740,0000.0%4,788,888
XEC BuyCimarex Energy Co$284,567,0000.0%3,253,075
MA SellMastercard Inc. Class Acl a$254,597,0000.0%814,252
AYI BuyAcuity Brands Inc.$240,106,0000.0%1,672,384
IAU BuyGold iShares Trust ETFishares$217,178,0000.0%19,002,694
SLB BuySchlumberger Ltd.$167,438,0000.0%6,089,423
NWSA SellNews Corp - Class Acl a$164,415,0000.0%11,100,831
BAC BuyBank of America Corp$154,095,0000.0%7,913,293
BRKB SellBerkshire Hathaway Inc.-Cl Bcl b$99,582,0000.0%297,458
QRTEA SellQurate Retail Inc. Series A$90,574,0000.0%3,739,514
UTX SellUnited Technologies Corp$89,316,0000.0%567,778
BIDU SellBaidu Inc. ADRspon adr rep a$86,928,0000.0%374,282
CRTO BuyCriteo SA ADR (France)spon ads$85,065,0000.0%4,493,593
GOOG SellAlphabet Inc. Class 'C'cap stk cl c$74,587,0000.0%57,264
DVA SellDaVita Inc$72,452,0000.0%953,453
UEPS SellNet 1 UEPS Technologies$65,783,0000.0%8,134,560
ARCO SellArcos Dorados Holdings Inc. - Class A$64,237,0000.0%9,642,572
CVS SellCVS Health Corp$59,175,0000.0%707,662
NWS SellNews Corp Class Bcl b$43,552,0000.0%2,835,432
OMC SellOmnicom Group Inc.$35,247,0000.0%487,825
GOOGL SellAlphabet Inc. Class 'A'cap stk cl a$25,235,0000.0%18,090
GS BuyGoldman Sachs$21,944,0000.0%753,207
CCU SellCompania Cervecerias Unidas SA ADRspon adr$17,947,0000.0%600,894
ATRO BuyASTRONICS CORP$17,419,0000.0%1,486,029
FENG BuyPhoenix New Media Ltd.spon ads$11,655,0000.0%3,290,584
ATGE ExitAdtalem Global Education$0-268,234
AXP ExitAmerican Express Company$0-324,692
MMC ExitMarsh & McLennan Cos Inc.$0-573,914
TIF ExitTiffany & Co.$0-373,263
AON ExitAon Plc$0-408,959
EXPD ExitExpeditors Intl of Washington Inc.$0-1,023,065
DOX ExitAmdocs Ltdord$0-1,307,932
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About International Value Advisers

International Value Advisers (IVA) is a New York-based investment management firm that specializes in global value investing. Founded in 2007 by Charles de Vaulx and Charles de Lardemelle, IVA has grown to become a respected player in the investment management industry.

The firm's investment philosophy is centered around the belief that value investing, when done correctly, can provide superior returns over the long term. IVA's investment approach is focused on identifying high-quality companies that are trading at a discount to their intrinsic value. The firm's investment team conducts extensive research and analysis to identify these opportunities, and they are not afraid to take a contrarian approach when necessary.

Charles de Vaulx, the firm's CEO and Chief Investment Officer, is a well-respected figure in the investment management industry. He has over 30 years of experience in the field and has been recognized for his contributions to the industry with numerous awards and accolades. Charles de Lardemelle, the firm's COO and Portfolio Manager, also has extensive experience in the investment management industry.

Overall, IVA is a reputable investment management firm that has a strong track record of delivering solid returns to its clients. While past performance is not indicative of future results, investors looking for a value-oriented investment approach may want to consider IVA as a potential investment option.

It's important to note that this information is for educational purposes only and has not been fact-checked. As with any investment, it's important to do your own research and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Top long-term holdings
NameQuarters ownedLatest quarter ownedMax weighting
iShares Gold Trust31Q4 202011.6%
Mastercard Inc. Class A31Q4 20207.8%
Net 1 UEPS Technologies30Q3 20206.0%
Oracle Corp29Q2 20209.0%
Berkshire Hathaway Inc.-Cl A28Q4 202016.6%
Cimarex Energy Co28Q1 20208.7%
Berkshire Hathaway Inc.-Cl B28Q4 202013.4%
Goldman Sachs27Q4 20195.5%
News Corp Class B25Q2 20205.5%
News Corp - Class A23Q4 20198.1%

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Latest significant ownerships (13-D/G)
International Value Advisers Q4 2018 significant holdings filed using form 13D/G when ownership exceeds 5% of a company's total stock issue.
FiledShares Percentage
ASTRONICS CORPFebruary 12, 202194,1250.4%
Phoenix New Media LtdFebruary 12, 2021101.0%
Adtalem Global Education Inc.August 07, 20202,493,9464.8%
NET 1 UEPS TECHNOLOGIES INCApril 17, 2020639,3032.8%
Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc.February 13, 20202,379,0001.9%
Criteo S.A.February 13, 20203,221,4135.0%
NET 1 UEPS TECHNOLOGIES INCFebruary 13, 20198,134,56014.3%
CYS Investments, Inc.May 09, 2017233,4002.9%
CAPSTEAD MORTGAGE CORPFebruary 13, 2017194,0002.4%
ANNALY CAPITAL MANAGEMENT INCJanuary 10, 2017546,5774.6%

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