SoftBank Group filings

This page lists the SEC filings reported by SoftBank Group.

SEC filings by SoftBank Group (ownership)
TypeFiledFilerSubjectShares OwnedPercent Owned
SC 13D2023-09-01SOFTBANK GROUP CORP.Better Home & Finance Holding Co62,065,71840.5%EDGAR
SC 13D/A2023-07-25SOFTBANK GROUP CORP.Symbotic Inc.20,000,00032.5%EDGAR
SC 13D/A2023-07-20SOFTBANK GROUP CORP.Berkshire Grey, Inc.00.0%EDGAR
SC 13D/A2023-03-24SOFTBANK GROUP CORP.Berkshire Grey, Inc.65,567,31727.9%EDGAR
SC 13G/A2023-02-15SOFTBANK GROUP CORP.Valor Latitude Acquisition Corp.3,727,48115.7%EDGAR
SC 13G2023-02-15SOFTBANK GROUP CORP.Inter & Co, Inc.64,506,6362.0%EDGAR
SC 13G/A2023-02-14SOFTBANK GROUP CORP.Alibaba Group Holding Ltd2,839,209,11213.7%EDGAR
SC 13D/A2023-02-09SOFTBANK GROUP CORP.Berkshire Grey, Inc.65,567,31728.1%EDGAR
SC 13D/A2023-01-18SOFTBANK GROUP CORPEQRx, Inc.21,800,0004.5%EDGAR
SC 13D/A2022-08-17SOFTBANK GROUP CORPSoFi Technologies, Inc.45,422,1284.9%EDGAR
SC 13D/A2022-08-11SOFTBANK GROUP CORPSoFi Technologies, Inc.63,651,9336.9%EDGAR
SC 13D/A2022-08-08SOFTBANK GROUP CORPSoFi Technologies, Inc.83,216,9779.0%EDGAR
SC 13D/A2022-06-09SOFTBANK GROUP CORPLearn CW Investment Corp6,573,00028.6%EDGAR
SC 13D/A2022-06-03SOFTBANK GROUP CORPLearn CW Investment Corp10,000,00043.5%EDGAR
SC 13G/A2022-05-03SOFTBANK GROUP CORPLDH Growth Corp I5,660,00019.7%EDGAR
SC 13D/A2022-04-06SOFTBANK GROUP CORPSoFi Technologies, Inc.95,281,89510.5%EDGAR
SC 13G2022-02-17SOFTBANK GROUP CORPLDH Growth Corp I5,660,00019.7%EDGAR
SC 13G/A2022-02-14SOFTBANK GROUP CORPBaozun Inc.987,5060.5%EDGAR
SC 13G/A2022-02-14SOFTBANK GROUP CORPAlibaba Group Holding Ltd5,345,061,94424.8%EDGAR
SC 13D/A2021-11-22SOFTBANK GROUP CORPSoFi Technologies, Inc.95,281,89511.8%EDGAR
Form 13F-HR
The 13F-HR report is filed quarterly to report securities held by the filer that fall under the SEC's 13F rules.
Form SC 13D/G
Reported by persons and groups who own 5% or more of any class of a company's outstanding shares. If the ownership changes by 1% or more, an amendment must be filed.
Form 3, 4, and 5
Form 3, 4, and 5 reports are filed to report insider transactions by company officers and directors, and any beneficial owners of more than ten percent of a company's shares. Form 3 is the initial report that must be filed when a person becomes an officer, director, or beneficial owner. Form 4 reports are used to report changes in ownership, while the Form 5 report is used for reporting transactions that should have been reported earlier in a Form 4 filing.