Soros Fund Management - CSX CORP ownership

CSX CORP's ticker is CSX and the CUSIP is 126408103. A total of 1,513 filers reported holding CSX CORP in Q3 2023. The put-call ratio across all filers is 0.87 and the average weighting 0.2%.


CSX Corp is a transportation company that provides rail, intermodal, and rail-to-truck transload services. The company operates in 23 states in the eastern United States and two Canadian provinces. CSX Corp has a market capitalization of $63.5 billion and employs over 21,000 people.

CSX Corp has been performing well in recent years, with revenue increasing from $11.4 billion in 2016 to $12.2 billion in 2019. The company has also been investing in technology to improve its operations, including implementing a new train management system and using drones to inspect tracks.

In 2020, CSX Corp faced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to a decrease in demand for its services. However, the company has been able to adapt to the changing market conditions and has continued to provide essential transportation services.

CSX Corp has also been recognized for its sustainability efforts, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy efficiency. The company has set a goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 37.5% by 2030.

Overall, CSX Corp is a well-established transportation company that has been able to adapt to changing market conditions and invest in technology to improve its operations. With a focus on sustainability, the company is well-positioned for long-term success.

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Quarter-by-quarter ownership
Soros Fund Management ownership history of CSX CORP
Q3 2023$10,439,287
Q2 2023$10,066,047
Q1 2023$10,882,681
Q4 2015$19,364,000746,2000.32%
Other shareholders
CSX CORP shareholders Q3 2023
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
Soroban Capital Partners LP 42,621,539$1,310,612,32419.38%
DRH Investments, Inc. 429,300$13,200,98212.45%
Sahana Capital Management LP 2,143,732$65,92011.03%
Maj Invest Holding A/S 8,383,233$257,7856.88%
11 Capital Partners LP 444,150$13,657,6136.35%
Bristol Gate Capital Partners Inc. 2,720,127$83,643,9054.66%
XN LP 1,665,534$51,215,1714.30%
CHILTON INVESTMENT CO INC. 4,240,771$130,403,7094.15%
LTS One Management LP 600,000$18,450,0004.06%
Corvex Management LP 2,366,268$72,762,7413.93%
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