LINDE PLC shareholders Q1 2022

LINDE PLC's ticker is LIN and the CUSIP is G5494J103. A total of 1,001 filers reported holding LINDE PLC in Q1 2022. The put-call ratio across all filers is 1.11 and the average weighting 0.4%.

LINDE PLC shareholders Q1 2022
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
Susquehanna International Securities, Ltd. 87,536$28,27722.14%
Bleichroeder LP 192,627$61,53110.92%
Locust Wood Capital Advisers 477,583$152,5548.37%
First Trust Bank, Ltd. 20,000$6,3897.31%
SAL Trading, LLC 92,900$29,6756.90%
Ako Capital 1,991,704$639,2196.90%
Polaris Capital Management, LLC 669,903$213,9876.80%
MARTIN CURRIE LTD 1,277,782$408,1626.56%
Cannon Global Investment Management, LLC 25,956$8,2915.97%
Appian Way Asset Management LP 38,942$12,4395.66%
Aperture Investors, LLC 100,273$32,0314.15%
DZ BANK AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschafts Bank, Frankfurt am Main 8,156,977$2,625,2933.93%
BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN & CO 1,732,176$553,3133.91%
ABEILLE ASSET MANAGEMENT SA 412,930$132,6883.79%
MARSHALL & SULLIVAN INC /WA/ 21,101$6,7403.76%
STONE RUN CAPITAL, LLC 31,570$10,0843.73%
Wallington Asset Management, LLC 63,922$20,4193.53%
Cambridge Financial Group, Inc. 24,060$7,685,4863.45%
Scott Investment Partners LLP 17,900$5,7183.44%

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