SERITAGE GROWTH PPTYS shareholders Q2 2023

SERITAGE GROWTH PPTYS's ticker is SRG and the CUSIP is 81752R100. A total of 94 filers reported holding SERITAGE GROWTH PPTYS in Q2 2023. The put-call ratio across all filers is 0.23 and the average weighting 0.2%.

SERITAGE GROWTH PPTYS shareholders Q2 2023
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
LITTLEJOHN & CO LLC 792,677$7,070,6794.92%
TOWERVIEW LLC 670,000$5,976,4003.90%
Corbin Capital Partners, L.P. 395,092$3,524,2212.98%
FourWorld Capital Management LLC 1,738,491$15,507,3402.54%
Aquamarine Zurich AG 500,000$4,4602.13%
Yakira Capital Management, Inc. 794,678$7,088,5281.88%
K2 PRINCIPAL FUND, L.P. 623,644$5,562,9051.27%
SCOGGIN MANAGEMENT LP 176,835$1,577,3681.02%
PECAUT & CO. 221,100$1,972,2120.85%
GABELLI & Co INVESTMENT ADVISERS, INC. 533,500$4,758,8200.80%
Union Square Park Capital Management, LLC 103,413$922,4440.73%
K2 PRINCIPAL FUND, L.P. 301,000$2,684,9200.61%
Alpine Global Management, LLC 225,000$2,0070.61%
NEXPOINT ASSET MANAGEMENT, L.P. 417,500$3,724,1000.54%
Anson Funds Management LP 203,847$1,818,3150.30%
Centiva Capital, LP 1,265,500$11,288,2600.25%
FIFTH LANE CAPITAL, LP 50,100$446,8920.13%
Wallace Capital Management Inc. 93,882$837,4300.13%
Centiva Capital, LP 612,175$5,460,6010.12%
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