NETEASE COM INC SPONS ADR shareholders Q1 2022

NETEASE COM INC SPONS ADR's ticker is NTES and the CUSIP is 64110W102. A total of 284 filers reported holding NETEASE COM INC SPONS ADR in Q1 2022. The put-call ratio across all filers is 1.07 and the average weighting 0.5%.

NETEASE COM INC SPONS ADR shareholders Q1 2022
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
Cederberg Capital Ltd 907,975$81,43620.37%
Greenwoods Asset Management Hong Kong Ltd. 3,600,485$322,92813.86%
CoreView Capital Management Ltd 760,363$68,19713.56%
APEIRON CAPITAL Ltd 326,000$29,23912.93%
Genesis Investment Management, LLP 2,438,272$218,68912.85%
American Beacon Advisors, Inc. 4,232$3809.74%
Perseverance Asset Management International 122,369$10,9758.47%
E Fund Management Co., Ltd. 2,250,523$201,8496.60%
Long Corridor Asset Management Ltd 46,700$4,1895.10%
Old Well Partners, LLC 61,785$5,5413.72%
WT Asset Management Ltd 108,800$9,7583.56%
Prime Capital Management Co Ltd 91,004$8,1623.47%
SELDON CAPITAL LP 56,478$5,0662.98%
Pinpoint Asset Management Ltd 78,300$7,0232.91%
INVERNESS COUNSEL LLC /NY/ 409,845$36,7591.65%
Ninety One UK Ltd 6,000,637$538,1971.37%
GUERRA PAN ADVISORS, LLC 11,300$1,0061.21%
Guinness Atkinson Asset Management Inc 27,591$2,4741.19%
Susquehanna International Group Ltd. 37,089$3,3271.14%
China Universal Asset Management Co., Ltd. 31,463$2,8221.00%

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