MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC shareholders Q1 2022

MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC's ticker is MU and the CUSIP is 595112103. A total of 934 filers reported holding MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC in Q1 2022. The put-call ratio across all filers is 1.81 and the average weighting 0.4%.

MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC shareholders Q1 2022
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
Himalaya Capital Management LLC 11,476,523$893,90637.57%
Wishbone Management, LP 1,170,000$91,13117.87%
Jeereddi Investments, LP 121,240$9,4439.82%
MMBG INVESTMENT ADVISORS CO. 230,546$71,0807.41%
Sanders Capital, LLC 41,921,490$3,551,2957.08%
Aquamarine Capital Management, LLC 200,000$15,5787.06%
FIFTHDELTA Ltd 868,800$67,6716.90%
Appaloosa LP 2,100,000$163,5696.54%
Andar Capital Management HK Ltd 48,000$3,7396.00%
DCF Advisers, LLC 167,500$13,0475.71%
SORA INVESTORS LLC 145,000$11,2945.24%
Theleme Partners LLP 1,582,000$123,2223.94%
Aspex Management (HK) Ltd 1,277,625$99,5143.93%
CROSSLINK CAPITAL INC 255,137$19,8733.74%
Matrix Capital Management Company, LP 4,000,000$311,5603.74%
CALIFORNIA FIRST LEASING Corp 81,300$6,3333.52%
ARS Investment Partners, LLC 447,498$34,8563.36%
Avalon Global Asset Management LLC 183,560$14,2973.31%
Cartenna Capital, LP 120,000$9,3473.22%

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