IRON MTN INC NEW shareholders Q1 2022

IRON MTN INC NEW's ticker is IRM and the CUSIP is 46284V101. A total of 546 filers reported holding IRON MTN INC NEW in Q1 2022. The put-call ratio across all filers is 1.02 and the average weighting 0.2%.

IRON MTN INC NEW shareholders Q1 2022
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
Marble Harbor Investment Counsel, LLC 466,040$25,8233.21%
WealthTrust Axiom LLC 166,015$9,1982.87%
Disciplined Equity Management, Inc. 46,835$2,5952.60%
UNITED BANK 349,829$19,3842.55%
Sargent Investment Group, LLC 175,045$9,6992.44%
Vert Asset Management LLC 52,412$2,9042.34%
Greystone Financial Group, LLC 159,704$8,8492.24%
American Trust Investment Advisors, LLC 73,947$4,0972.10%
Pensionfund DSM Netherlands 79,500$4,4052.10%
AR ASSET MANAGEMENT INC 131,600$7,2921.84%
Ranch Capital Advisors Inc. 46,041$2,5511.68%
ADELL HARRIMAN & CARPENTER INC 283,273$15,696,1561.53%
TKG Advisors, LLC 34,264$1,8991.52%
MADDEN SECURITIES Corp 57,199$3,1691.43%
Vancity Investment Management Ltd 197,849$10,9631.30%
CoreFirst Bank & Trust 33,790$1,8721.28%
COOKSON PEIRCE & CO INC 388,560$21,5301.26%
Green Alpha Advisors, LLC 33,469$1,8551.25%
Future Financial Wealth Managment LLC 23,279$1,2901.07%

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