GROCERY OUTLET HLDG CORP shareholders Q3 2023

GROCERY OUTLET HLDG CORP's ticker is GO and the CUSIP is 39874R101. A total of 245 filers reported holding GROCERY OUTLET HLDG CORP in Q3 2023. The put-call ratio across all filers is 2.87 and the average weighting 0.4%.

GROCERY OUTLET HLDG CORP shareholders Q3 2023
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
CLEARFIELD CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LP 2,473,062$71,347,83971.27%
Jackson Square Partners, LLC 4,935,783$142,397,3404.76%
Ranger Investment Management 1,412,499$40,750,5962.71%
Van Berkom & Associates Inc. 2,394,826$69,0912.25%
Providence Capital Advisors, LLC 155,455$4,484,8911.17%
Pier Capital, LLC 245,066$7,070,1541.14%
Summit Creek Advisors LLC 270,074$7,791,6351.06%
Advantage Alpha Capital Partners LP 155,104$4,474,7500.94%
12 West Capital Management LP 300,000$8,655,0000.78%
KINGDON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, L.L.C. 235,000$6,779,7500.78%
Pembroke Management, LTD 153,868$4,439,0920.61%
GENEVA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC 927,180$26,749,1470.56%
Quaero Capital S.A. 20,324$586,3470.56%
SHERBROOKE PARK ADVISERS LLC 41,272$1,190,6970.38%
Quantamental Technologies LLC 13,642$393,5720.37%
OBERWEIS ASSET MANAGEMENT INC/ 115,900$3,343,7150.36%
GSA CAPITAL PARTNERS LLP 126,289$3,6430.31%
OAK RIDGE INVESTMENTS LLC 81,656$2,355,7760.30%
Manhattan West Asset Management, LLC 31,190$851,7990.26%
Cedar Wealth Management, LLC 22,902$660,7230.26%
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