CYTOSORBENTS CORP shareholders Q3 2023

CYTOSORBENTS CORP's ticker is CTSO and the CUSIP is 23283X206. A total of 53 filers reported holding CYTOSORBENTS CORP in Q3 2023. The put-call ratio across all filers is 0.95 and the average weighting 0.1%.

CYTOSORBENTS CORP shareholders Q3 2023
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
CM Management, LLC 450,000$846,0000.90%
Skylands Capital, LLC 2,944,670$5,535,9800.84%
Sargent Investment Group, LLC 1,257,048$2,363,2500.57%
Avenir Corp 2,717,397$5,108,7060.48%
Granahan Investment Management 1,552,393$2,918,4990.10%
Seelaus Asset Management LLC 20,450$38,4460.04%
HighMark Wealth Management LLC 10,000$18,8000.02%
Key Client Fiduciary Advisors, LLC 13,000$24,4400.02%
Eudaimonia Partners, LLC 23,500$44,1800.01%
Texas Capital Bank Wealth Management Services Inc 30,666$57,6520.01%
Regal Investment Advisors LLC 22,811$42,8850.00%
Chicago Partners Investment Group LLC 36,358$67,4440.00%
Neuberger Berman Group LLC 1,502,696$2,821,1120.00%
Hexagon Capital Partners LLC 3,333$6,2660.00%
COUNTRY CLUB BANK /GFN 15,225$28,3180.00%
SOA Wealth Advisors, LLC. 2,222$4,1770.00%
BRADLEY FOSTER & SARGENT INC/CT 10,000$35,9000.00%
CIBC Private Wealth Group, LLC 122,649$230,5800.00%
OneDigital Investment Advisors LLC 15,000$28,2000.00%
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