Airbus SE shareholder history

Current and past Airbus SE shareholders
Period Weighting Quarter
CompanyLongestShortestMin.Avg.Max.FirstLatest↓ Count
Jackson Square Partners, LLC 14140.03%0.58%0.80%Q1 2019Q2 202214
TOCQUEVILLE ASSET MANAGEMENT L.P. 330.01%0.03%0.07%Q2 2019Q2 20216
ARK Investment Management 660.00%0.02%0.02%Q1 2021Q2 20226
PARAMETRIC PORTFOLIO ASSOCIATES LLC 320.00%0.00%0.00%Q1 2018Q4 20195
Manitou Investment Management Ltd. 330.07%0.08%0.09%Q1 2019Q3 20193
Regent Investment Management LLC 220.09%0.15%0.21%Q2 2017Q3 20172

This page lists all the filers that currently own Airbus SE or have owned Airbus SE in the past.