Owners of LIBERTY GLOBAL PLC-A in Q3 2021

Owners of LIBERTY GLOBAL PLC-A in Q3 2021
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
Ronit Capital LLP 345,250$10,28811.68%
Lion Point Capital, LP 1,250,000$37,2506.98%
Soditic Asset Management LLP 468,321$13,9566.60%
ALTRINSIC GLOBAL ADVISORS LLC 6,786,684$202,2446.06%
Sycale Advisors (NY) LLC 442,350$13,1825.90%
NAYA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT UK LTD 3,526,877$105,1015.14%
Point72 Europe (London) LLP 234,188$6,9793.53%
Steel Canyon Capital, LLC 113,504$3,3822.60%
CQS (US), LLC 1,381,650$41,1732.35%
HARRIS ASSOCIATES L P 46,289,532$1,379,4282.20%
Baupost Group 7,657,205$228,1852.10%
Norman Fields, Gottscho Capital Management, LLC 177,799$5,2982.09%
Route One Investment Company, L.P. 2,142,418$63,8441.64%
Sterling Investment Management, Inc. 65,903$1,9641.25%
Hall Kathryn A. 80,575$2,4010.72%
S&CO INC 299,185$8,9150.70%
Border to Coast Pensions Partnership Ltd 1,716,000$37,925,4580.60%
Hosking Partners LLP 644,691$19,2120.48%
Empyrean Capital Partners, LP 662,693$19,7480.44%
Maven Securities LTD 439,565$13,0990.42%

This page lists all the filers that owned LIBERTY GLOBAL PLC-A in Q3 2021. For a list of filers that in the past have reported owning LIBERTY GLOBAL PLC-A, see the History page.