10X GENOMICS INC CL A COM shareholders Q1 2022

10X GENOMICS INC CL A COM's ticker is TXG and the CUSIP is 88025U109. A total of 227 filers reported holding 10X GENOMICS INC CL A COM in Q1 2022. The put-call ratio across all filers is 0.57 and the average weighting 0.2%.

10X GENOMICS INC CL A COM shareholders Q1 2022
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
12 West Capital Management LP 2,518,500$191,58211.65%
Blue Water Life Science Advisors, LP 211,917$16,1217.65%
Evolutionary Tree Capital Management, LLC 54,128$4,1182.86%
HARVARD MANAGEMENT CO INC 186,143$14,1601.43%
Autonomy Capital (Jersey) L.P. 6,484$4931.24%
RTW INVESTMENTS, LP 734,481$55,8721.16%
ARK Investment Management 3,391,338$257,9791.08%
Soleus Capital Management, L.P. 106,139$8,0741.04%
Renaissance Capital LLC 26,526$2,0180.86%
Nikko Asset Management Americas, Inc. 1,431,773$108,9150.80%
Sands Capital Management 3,201,394$243,5300.56%
GILDER GAGNON HOWE & CO LLC 743,781$56,5790.52%
Lombard Odier Asset Management (Switzerland) SA 80,276$6,1070.48%
Capricorn Fund Managers Ltd 25,000$1,9020.46%
Vigilant Capital Management, LLC 77,183$5,8710.45%
Green Alpha Advisors, LLC 8,001$6090.41%
Baillie Gifford 7,355,764$559,5520.39%
AtonRa Partners 8,737$6650.36%
LINCOLN NATIONAL CORP 210,123$15,9850.33%

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