SPORTSMANS WHSE HLDGS INC shareholders Q1 2023

SPORTSMANS WHSE HLDGS INC's ticker is SPWH and the CUSIP is 84920Y106. A total of 134 filers reported holding SPORTSMANS WHSE HLDGS INC in Q1 2023. The put-call ratio across all filers is 0.55 and the average weighting 0.5%.

SPORTSMANS WHSE HLDGS INC shareholders Q1 2023
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
Hawkeye Capital Management, LLC 1,664,007$14,110,77923.69%
Kite Lake Capital Management (UK) LLP 1,719,699$14,583,04715.59%
Union Square Park Capital Management, LLC 430,000$3,646,4005.58%
Arbiter Partners Capital Management LLC 668,915$5,672,3995.30%
Cannell Capital 3,209,438$27,216,0345.26%
Solas Capital Management, LLC 695,440$5,897,3313.15%
JB CAPITAL PARTNERS LP 1,415,794$12,005,9332.85%
Marathon Partners Equity Management, LLC 230,000$1,950,4002.53%
TOWLE & CO 2,064,040$17,503,0592.46%
Mork Capital Management, LLC 180,000$1,526,4001.24%
GABELLI & Co INVESTMENT ADVISERS, INC. 610,364$5,175,8870.99%
Regency Capital Management Inc.\DE 74,150$628,7920.76%
SummerHaven Investment Management, LLC 79,428$673,5490.39%
State of Wyoming 84,299$714,8560.23%
Skylands Capital, LLC 151,800$1,287,2640.19%
Stephens Investment Management Group LLC 1,131,454$9,594,7300.16%
Segantii Capital Management Ltd 482,000$4,087,3600.14%
FNY Investment Advisers, LLC 12,000$1010.12%
CenterBook Partners LP 90,353$766,1930.11%
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