RH shareholders Q1 2023

RH's ticker is RH and the CUSIP is 74967X103. A total of 397 filers reported holding RH in Q1 2023. The put-call ratio across all filers is 0.98 and the average weighting 0.5%.

RH shareholders Q1 2023
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
Pelham Capital Ltd. 249,323$60,722,61720.62%
Stone House Capital Management, LLC 80,000$19,484,00013.31%
SCP Investment, LP 55,000$13,395,25012.98%
Pelham Capital Ltd. 118,000$28,738,9009.76%
Darsana Capital Partners LP 500,000$121,775,0008.20%
Union Square Park Capital Management, LLC 22,000$5,358,1008.19%
Atreides Management, LP 698,553$170,132,5835.21%
Xcel Wealth Management, LLC 59,669$14,532,3855.11%
Kinetic Partners Management, LP 151,100$36,800,4055.05%
LONG WALK MANAGEMENT LP 23,000$5,601,6505.00%
DEEPWATER ASSET MANAGEMENT, LLC 42,556$10,364,5144.92%
Nixon Capital, LLC 34,244$8,340,1264.91%
MIG Capital, LLC 108,264$26,367,6974.56%
Anomaly Capital Management, LP 401,939$97,892,2434.31%
Lone Pine Capital 1,773,069$431,830,9554.00%
Engle Capital Management, L.P. 50,000$12,177,5003.99%
Broad Run Investment Management 132,835$32,351,9643.86%
Steel Canyon Capital, LLC 8,040$1,958,1423.70%
Hound Partners 58,157$14,164,1373.57%
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