PINDUODUO INC shareholders Q1 2022

PINDUODUO INC's ticker is PDD and the CUSIP is 722304102. A total of 255 filers reported holding PINDUODUO INC in Q1 2022. The put-call ratio across all filers is 1.39 and the average weighting 0.9%.

PINDUODUO INC shareholders Q1 2022
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
Perseverance Asset Management International 1,229,530$49,31738.05%
Prudence Investment Management (Hong Kong) Ltd. 190,399$7,63729.57%
Library Research Ltd 857,302$34,38627.75%
Franchise Capital Ltd 1,985,291$79,63021.90%
Cederberg Capital Ltd 1,499,500$60,14515.05%
FORD FOUNDATION 183,293$7,35210.60%
Krane Funds Advisors LLC 5,553,809$222,7639.22%
SC CHINA HOLDING Ltd 1,749,999$70,1928.76%
MY.Alpha Management HK Advisors Ltd 492,676$19,7617.76%
E Fund Management (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. 257,145$10,8576.89%
WT Asset Management Ltd 398,635$15,9895.83%
Genesis Investment Management, LLP 2,315,638$92,8805.46%
E Fund Management Co., Ltd. 4,042,764$162,6985.32%
SCEP Management Ltd 200,000$8,0225.25%
AnglePoint Asset Management Ltd 117,200$4,7015.19%
Gold Dragon Worldwide Asset Management Ltd 190,675$7,6485.02%
TB Alternative Assets Ltd. 257,500$10,3283.55%
Panview Asian Equity Master Fund 52,333$2,0993.36%
Old Well Partners, LLC 117,100$4,6973.16%
Twenty Acre Capital LP 98,400$3,9473.08%

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