1LIFE HEALTHCARE INC shareholders Q4 2022

1LIFE HEALTHCARE INC's ticker is ONEM and the CUSIP is 68269G107. A total of 229 filers reported holding 1LIFE HEALTHCARE INC in Q4 2022. The put-call ratio across all filers is 6.64 and the average weighting 1.1%.

1LIFE HEALTHCARE INC shareholders Q4 2022
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
Sheares Healthcare Group Pte. Ltd. 101,288$1,692,522100.00%
OAK MANAGEMENT CORP 5,872,929$98,136,64472.34%
Sand Grove Capital Management LLP 5,365,625$89,6608.57%
KRYGER CAPITAL Ltd 3,036,641$50,7427.68%
Carlyle Group Inc. 13,612,681$227,467,9006.62%
William Marsh Rice University 739,111$12,350,5456.48%
TIG Advisors, LLC 5,713,876$95,478,8685.76%
Athos Capital Ltd 500,000$8,3554.83%
Brainard Capital Management LLC 309,091$5,164,9114.38%
Chicago Capital Management, LLC 280,100$4,680,4714.25%
ALPINE ASSOCIATES MANAGEMENT INC. 5,406,579$90,343,9354.12%
Vazirani Asset Management LLC 125,000$2,0893.54%
WATER ISLAND CAPITAL LLC 2,336,958$39,0513.31%
Twin Securities, Inc. 220,000$3,676,0003.20%
Trium Capital LLP 518,669$8,6673.19%
Westchester Capital Management, LLC 6,240,757$104,283,0502.86%
Versor Investments LP 1,864,835$31,161,3932.68%
Crabel Capital Management, LLC 437,572$7,3122.65%
Melqart Asset Management (UK) Ltd 1,735,447$28,999,3192.45%
TIG Advisors, LLC 2,368,200$39,572,6222.39%

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