MARQETA INC shareholders Q3 2023

MARQETA INC's ticker is MQ and the CUSIP is 57142B104. A total of 241 filers reported holding MARQETA INC in Q3 2023. The put-call ratio across all filers is 0.60 and the average weighting 0.8%.

MARQETA INC shareholders Q3 2023
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
VISA INC. 12,444,690$74,419,24683.54%
INDUSTRY VENTURES, L.L.C. 6,815,164$40,754,68153.78%
Vitruvian Partners LLP 10,766,183$64,381,77418.26%
Azora Capital LP 8,779,219$52,499,7305.61%
One Fin Capital Management LP 2,000,000$11,960,0004.85%
Engle Capital Management, L.P. 1,698,000$10,154,0403.68%
Tabor Asset Management, LP 1,005,750$6,014,3853.16%
CPV Partners, LLC 716,075$4,282,1292.74%
SCOPIA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LP 3,177,199$18,999,6502.35%
Lavaca Capital LLC 1,066,290$6,376,4142.14%
EDBI Pte Ltd 255,753$1,529,4031.66%
KETTLE HILL CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC 1,028,716$6,151,7221.37%
Werba Rubin Papier Wealth Management 494,060$2,954,4791.05%
Palogic Value Management, L.P. 325,000$1,943,5000.96%
Alta Park Capital, LP 1,133,051$6,775,6450.84%
Renaissance Capital LLC 245,343$1,467,1510.78%
GILDER GAGNON HOWE & CO LLC 7,995,669$47,814,1010.73%
Bullseye Asset Management LLC 195,790$1,1710.65%
SAMLYN CAPITAL, LLC 6,354,570$38,000,3290.62%
ZWJ INVESTMENT COUNSEL INC 1,507,473$9,014,4140.50%
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