Owners of LIBERTY FORMULA ONE SER C in Q2 2021

Owners of LIBERTY FORMULA ONE SER C in Q2 2021
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
Fosse Capital Partners LLP 713,712$34,40818.96%
Ashe Capital Management, LP 5,851,525$282,10217.40%
Kontiki Capital Management (HK) Ltd. 2,604,643$125,57016.25%
NAYA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT UK LTD 7,368,237$355,22315.50%
COWBIRD CAPITAL LP 763,132$36,79112.50%
Anabranch Capital Management, LP 380,427$18,34011.31%
Caledonia (Private) Investments Pty Ltd 16,617,895$801,1498.26%
Akaris Global Partners, LP 166,836$8,0437.30%
Brahman Capital Corp. 1,274,399$61,4394.54%
Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb L.P. 10,297,809$496,4574.40%
TREMBLANT CAPITAL GROUP 2,611,203$125,8863.42%
SEIZERT CAPITAL PARTNERS, LLC 1,365,488$65,8303.14%
Sculptor Capital LP 7,720,203$372,1912.71%
Senvest Management, LLC 1,788,810$86,2392.51%
Bain Capital Public Equity Management II, LLC 1,209,261$58,2982.49%
EMINENCE CAPITAL, LP 3,996,546$192,6732.37%
Hickory Lane Capital Management LP 96,500$4,6522.28%
Freshford Capital Management, LLC 342,099$16,4932.24%
TPG Group Holdings (SBS) Advisors, Inc. 6,293,851$303,4272.17%

This page lists all the filers that owned LIBERTY FORMULA ONE SER C in Q2 2021. For a list of filers that in the past have reported owning LIBERTY FORMULA ONE SER C, see the History page.