LENNAR CORP shareholders Q2 2022

LENNAR CORP's ticker is LEN and the CUSIP is 526057104. A total of 553 filers reported holding LENNAR CORP in Q2 2022. The put-call ratio across all filers is 1.38 and the average weighting 0.2%.

LENNAR CORP shareholders Q2 2022
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
GREENHAVEN ASSOCIATES INC 9,320,767$657,76714.20%
ACR Alpine Capital Research, LLC 2,541,070$179,3238.14%
DENDUR CAPITAL LP 382,500$26,9935.70%
Asset Management Advisors, LLC 84,719$5,9795.16%
Carmel Capital Partners, LLC 74,501$5,2584.91%
Smead Capital Management, Inc. 2,507,093$176,9264.52%
Maj Invest Holding A/S 2,762,255$194,9324.39%
SOUND SHORE MANAGEMENT INC /CT/ 1,400,484$98,8323.62%
CYPRESS FUNDS LLC 284,500$20,0773.15%
Glassy Mountain Advisors, Inc. 68,063$4,8032.87%
Marketfield Asset Management LLC 35,218$2,4852.70%
OAKMONT CORP 262,173$18,5022.56%
683 Capital Management, LLC 493,900$34,8562.46%
Aristotle Capital Management, LLC 14,882,240$1,053,5852.22%
EMINENCE CAPITAL, LP 1,523,182$107,4912.14%
MARK ASSET MANAGEMENT LP 120,000$8,4682.05%
Southpoint Capital Advisors LP 1,000,000$70,5702.00%
Edgemoor Investment Advisors, Inc. 224,352$15,8332.00%
Brave Warrior Advisors 812,464$57,3361.97%

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