FARFETCH LTD shareholders Q1 2023

FARFETCH LTD's ticker is FTCH and the CUSIP is 30744W107. A total of 218 filers reported holding FARFETCH LTD in Q1 2023. The put-call ratio across all filers is 1.09 and the average weighting 0.7%.

FARFETCH LTD shareholders Q1 2023
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
Kuvari Partners LLP 1,829,859$8,984,608100.00%
KPS Global Asset Management UK Ltd 3,192,583$15,675,58313.84%
QVIDTVM Management LLC 1,400,584$6,876,8674.22%
Vitruvian Partners LLP 3,829,474$18,802,7174.02%
Dragoneer Investment Group 25,710,155$126,236,8612.99%
Maxi Investments CY Ltd 800,000$3,9282.80%
Nixon Capital, LLC 846,661$4,157,1062.45%
Geo Capital Gestora de Recursos Ltd 640,149$3,1432.33%
Patient Capital Management, LLC 986,800$4,845,1882.16%
Central Asset Investments & Management Holdings (HK) Ltd 356,863$1,752,1971.86%
MILLER VALUE PARTNERS, LLC 6,048,099$29,696,1651.86%
Contrarius Investment Management Ltd 6,792,741$33,3521.75%
Capricorn Fund Managers Ltd 1,121,726$5,507,6751.68%
Oasis Management Co Ltd. 1,716,017$8,425,6431.35%
TREMBLANT CAPITAL GROUP 2,563,473$12,586,6531.33%
In-Depth Partners, LLC 201,052$987,1651.20%
Maple Rock Capital Partners 2,681,041$13,163,9111.16%
Eschler Asset Management LLP 271,759$1,334,3371.06%
Anomaly Capital Management, LP 4,866,918$23,896,5671.05%
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