EQUINIX INC COM shareholders Q1 2022

EQUINIX INC COM's ticker is EQIX and the CUSIP is 29444U700. A total of 670 filers reported holding EQUINIX INC COM in Q1 2022. The put-call ratio across all filers is 1.22 and the average weighting 0.4%.

EQUINIX INC COM shareholders Q1 2022
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
JLP Asset Management, LLC 17,290$12,8237.97%
B&I Capital AG 40,746$30,2187.91%
Adelante Capital Management LLC 199,247$147,7657.33%
Vert Asset Management LLC 12,020$8,9147.18%
GSI Capital Advisors LLC 25,193$18,6847.04%
AEW CAPITAL MANAGEMENT L P 307,549$228,0846.62%
APG Asset Management US Inc. 1,578,302$1,170,5006.52%
Zeno Research, LLC 10,082$7,4776.45%
AMP Capital Investors Ltd 166,570$123,6015.21%
Uniplan Investment Counsel, Inc. 112,646$83,5404.92%
1623 Capital LLC 12,500$9,2704.64%
Barton Investment Management 41,915$31,0853.94%
HAHN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC 22,668$16,811,0423.62%
PGGM Investments 745,654$630,7043.14%
Pensionfund DSM Netherlands 8,364$6,2032.96%
Archon Partners LLC 29,800$22,1002.93%
S. MUOIO & CO. LLC 3,287$2,4382.88%
Sustainable Growth Advisers, LP 682,296$506,0042.80%
REAVES W H & CO INC 117,941$87,4672.79%

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