ELEMENT SOLUTIONS INC shareholders Q2 2023

ELEMENT SOLUTIONS INC's ticker is ESI and the CUSIP is 28618M106. A total of 259 filers reported holding ELEMENT SOLUTIONS INC in Q2 2023. The put-call ratio across all filers is 0.34 and the average weighting 0.2%.

ELEMENT SOLUTIONS INC shareholders Q2 2023
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
SCOGGIN MANAGEMENT LP 425,000$8,160,0005.29%
Gates Capital Management 8,348,831$160,297,5553.77%
Coulter & Justus Financial Services, LLC 224,967$4,319,3662.93%
Locust Wood Capital Advisers 2,279,262$43,761,8272.03%
Lapides Asset Management, LLC 128,000$2,457,6001.61%
Parkside Investments, LLC 439,473$8,437,8821.58%
REINHART PARTNERS, LLC. 1,604,940$30,814,8431.56%
Blue Zone Wealth Advisors, LLC 158,238$3,038,1701.40%
ADVISORY RESEARCH INC 519,524$9,974,8611.28%
IRIDIAN ASSET MANAGEMENT LLC/CT 695,905$13,361,3761.24%
Copeland Capital Management, LLC 2,813,188$54,013,2061.12%
Glenview Capital Management 2,546,619$48,895,0851.10%
DEPRINCE RACE & ZOLLO INC 2,332,633$44,786,5541.03%
MOODY ALDRICH PARTNERS LLC 238,240$4,574,2080.89%
Appian Way Asset Management LP 121,248$2,327,9620.84%
SHERBROOKE PARK ADVISERS LLC 69,942$1,342,8860.70%
CLARET ASSET MANAGEMENT Corp 170,311$3,2700.64%
Jade Capital Advisors, LLC 40,000$768,0000.60%
Bares Capital Management 807,664$15,507,1490.54%
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