CONFLUENT INC shareholders Q3 2023

CONFLUENT INC's ticker is CFLT and the CUSIP is 20717M103. A total of 354 filers reported holding CONFLUENT INC in Q3 2023. The put-call ratio across all filers is 0.65 and the average weighting 0.3%.

CONFLUENT INC shareholders Q3 2023
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
Growth Interface Management LLC 450,000$13,324,50020.83%
Altimeter Capital Management 16,611,943$491,879,6329.34%
Andar Capital Management HK Ltd 115,000$3,405,1508.58%
General Equity Holdings LP 160,221$4,744,1445.79%
12 West Capital Management LP 2,155,000$63,809,5505.78%
Optimus Prime Fund Management Co., Ltd. 1,438,944$42,607,1325.66%
Founders Circle Capital LLC 167,106$4,948,0095.65%
Whetstone Capital Advisors, LLC 309,133$9,1535.06%
Source Financial Advisors LLC 384,724$11,391,6873.84%
AlpInvest Partners B.V. 454,040$13,444,1243.53%
BERYLSON CAPITAL PARTNERS, LLC 45,400$1,344,2943.44%
ArchPoint Investors 260,739$7,720,4822.95%
Atreides Management, LP 3,013,352$89,225,3532.92%
PURSUE WEALTH PARTNERS LLC 131,926$3,906,3292.77%
DIKER MANAGEMENT LLC 100,000$2,961,0002.64%
KADENSA CAPITAL Ltd 388,792$11,512,1312.27%
SQN Investors LP 130,000$3,849,3002.23%
Roubaix Capital, LLC 101,779$3,013,6762.22%
Vishria Bird Financial Group, LLC 90,444$2,6781.52%
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