CLOUDFLARE INC shareholders Q2 2023

CLOUDFLARE INC's ticker is NET and the CUSIP is 18915M107. A total of 540 filers reported holding CLOUDFLARE INC in Q2 2023. The put-call ratio across all filers is 0.94 and the average weighting 0.4%.

CLOUDFLARE INC shareholders Q2 2023
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
Alfreton Capital LLP 950,000$62,101,50029.23%
SW Investment Management LLC 700,000$45,759,00016.95%
LONG WALK MANAGEMENT LP 315,000$20,591,55015.23%
Optimus Prime Fund Management Co., Ltd. 1,514,093$98,976,25913.62%
Strategy Capital 1,438,734$94,050,04213.00%
Whetstone Capital Advisors, LLC 345,389$22,57812.60%
Cota Capital Management, LLC 341,688$22,336,14511.20%
Value Star Asset Management (Hong Kong) Ltd 352,800$23,062,5366.81%
Firsthand Capital Management, Inc. 80,000$5,229,6006.28%
BERKSHIRE CAPITAL HOLDINGS INC 183,600$12,001,9324.95%
Privium Fund Management B.V. 260,000$16,660,8003.51%
Miura Global Management 125,000$8,171,2502.92%
HARTLINE INVESTMENT CORP/ 229,783$15,020,9152.56%
GILDER GAGNON HOWE & CO LLC 2,763,015$180,618,2802.47%
Sands Capital Management 11,404,544$745,515,0412.32%
RPG Investment Advisory, LLC 190,311$12,440,6302.15%
Grandeur Peak Global Advisors, LLC 455,867$29,800,0262.03%
Baillie Gifford 31,505,621$2,059,522,4451.75%
Taylor Frigon Capital Management LLC 54,278$3,548,1531.73%
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