CLEAN HARBORS INC shareholders Q3 2023

CLEAN HARBORS INC's ticker is CLH and the CUSIP is 184496107. A total of 415 filers reported holding CLEAN HARBORS INC in Q3 2023. The put-call ratio across all filers is 0.28 and the average weighting 0.2%.

CLEAN HARBORS INC shareholders Q3 2023
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
12th Street Asset Management Company, LLC 267,708$44,803,6829.19%
SNYDER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT L P 1,647,268$275,686,7726.22%
Ophir Asset Management Pty Ltd 139,283$23,310,4035.50%
Jackson Square Partners, LLC 728,990$122,003,7664.08%
M.D. Sass, LLC 174,765$29,248,6703.93%
Telemark Asset Management, LLC 150,000$25,104,0003.81%
SANDLER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT 160,268$26,822,4522.76%
Taika Capital, LP 34,410$5,758,8582.73%
Bullseye Asset Management LLC 26,061$4,3612.43%
Hood River Capital Management LLC 434,446$72,708,8832.33%
CRAMER ROSENTHAL MCGLYNN LLC 229,372$38,387,6982.14%
Artemis Investment Management LLP 910,296$152,283,8632.12%
Leeward Investments, LLC - MA 248,059$41,515,1542.12%
Select Equity Group, L.P. 3,054,725$511,238,7762.10%
Trinity Street Asset Management LLP 94,357$15,791,5872.03%
Thematics Asset Management 234,774$39,291,7771.93%
HENNESSY ADVISORS INC 163,800$27,413,5681.92%
Capital Impact Advisors, LLC 6,098$1,020,5611.70%
MOODY ALDRICH PARTNERS LLC 46,717$7,818,5571.48%
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