Owners of APPLE INC in Q4 2020

Owners of APPLE INC in Q4 2020
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
Berkshire Hathaway Charlie Munger , Warren Buffett 887,135,554$117,714,01643.61%
Wedgewood Partners Tony Guerrerio , David Rolfe 447,836$59,4228.84%
Himalaya Capital Management Li Lu 759,600$100,7915.55%
Avenir Corp James H. Rooney , Peter C. Keefe 335,766$44,5534.25%
AQR Capital Management Cliff Asness16,476,321$2,186,2433.88%
ClearBridge Investments 32,763,968$4,347,4513.36%
Locust Wood Capital Advisers Paul M. Morris 401,926$53,3323.04%
Markel Corporation Tom Gayner 1,198,540$159,0352.37%
Lafayette Investments Judge Lawrence 49,615$6,5832.24%
Swift Run Capital Bill Beisswanger 7,124$9451.82%
Lincoln Capital Judd Norman 40,405$5,3611.74%
Citadel Advisors 42,324,700$5,616,0641.46%
Alkeon Capital Management Panayotis Sparaggis4,628,255$614,1231.00%
Citadel Advisors 25,554,600$3,390,8400.88%
Alkeon Capital Management Panayotis Sparaggis4,009,500$532,0210.87%
ARK Investment Management Catherine Wood, Brett Winton914,900$121,3980.32%
Renaissance Technologies Jim Simons890,832$118,2040.13%
Citadel Advisors 3,647,280$483,9580.13%
Giverny Capital Jean-Philippe Bouchard 11,904$1,5800.12%
Edgewood Management Alan Breed , Lawrence Creel 429,088$56,9360.11%
Brown Capital Management Eddie Brown99,124$13,1530.09%
Fairholme Capital Management Bruce Berkowitz 4,260$5650.05%
Baillie Gifford & Company Baillie Gifford411,907$54,6560.03%
Gardner Russo & Gardner Thomas Russo 8,748$1,1610.01%
Weitz Investment Management Wally Weitz 560$740.00%
Magellan Asset Management 1,256$1670.00%

This page lists all the companies that owned APPLE INC in Q4 2020. For a list of companies that in the past have reported owning APPLE INC, see the History page.