APPLE INC shareholders Q1 2022

APPLE INC's ticker is AAPL and the CUSIP is 037833100. A total of 2,954 filers reported holding APPLE INC in Q1 2022. The put-call ratio across all filers is 1.29 and the average weighting 3.7%.

APPLE INC shareholders Q1 2022
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
GuideStone Capital Management, LLC 588,722$102,797100.00%
NEW ENGLAND ASSET MANAGEMENT INC 20,463,891$3,573,20056.62%
Ground Swell Capital, LLC 124,388$21,71955.83%
Hoffman, Alan N Investment Management 590,349$103,08153.25%
Prospect Hill Management, LLC 513,540$89,66952.83%
INDEPENDENT INVESTORS INC 1,353,829$236,39252.62%
Berkshire Hathaway 890,923,410$155,564,13842.79%
BetterWealth, LLC 171,444$29,93640.08%
Linden Rose Investment LLC 132,220$23,08738.57%
TRB Advisors LP 340,000$59,36732.53%
Perfromance Wealth Partners, LLC 4,252,518$742,53232.35%
Belmont Capital, LLC 178,724$31,20731.16%
Draper Asset Management, LLC 213,988$37,36430.89%
Winning Points Advisors, LLC 191,865$33,51226.02%
Montis Financial, LLC 190,351$33,23725.96%
Greenbrier Partners Capital Management, LLC 1,552,848$271,14325.60%
UDINE WEALTH MANAGEMENT, INC. 130,965$22,86824.93%
BIRINYI ASSOCIATES INC 408,074$71,37624.60%
FISHMAN JAY A LTD/MI 1,253,486$218,871,19024.11%

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