AMAZON COM INC shareholders Q4 2022

AMAZON COM INC's ticker is AMZN and the CUSIP is 023135106. A total of 824 filers reported holding AMAZON COM INC in Q4 2022. The put-call ratio across all filers is 3.97 and the average weighting 1.0%.

AMAZON COM INC shareholders Q4 2022
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
MILLER WEALTH ADVISORS, LLC 412,779$36,62925.43%
Linden Rose Investment LLC 98,522$8,27622.23%
Hoffman, Alan N Investment Management 277,793$23,33517.75%
Barton Investment Management 718,592$60,361,72811.87%
HILLMAN CO 265,775$22,32511.63%
WEALTH ADVISORS, INC. 211,959$17,804,5569.46%
JACKSON HILL ADVISORS, LLC 125,500$10,5429.11%
DOCK STREET ASSET MANAGEMENT INC 381,273$32,026,9327.38%
WESTWOOD MANAGEMENT CORP /IL/ 623,560$52,3797.06%
Sitrin Capital Management LLC 146,482$10,407,1496.63%
DAVIS-REA LTD. 125,717$10,4966.57%
Soapstone Management L.P. 181,250$15,225,0006.42%
Quantum Private Wealth, LLC 119,043$9,999,6416.34%
Strong Tower Advisory Services 121,131$10,175,0046.11%
MADDEN SECURITIES Corp 132,404$11,121,9365.86%
Yarbrough Capital, LLC 858,020$72,073,6805.73%
WELLCOME TRUST LTD (THE) as trustee of the WELLCOME TRUST 4,460,000$374,640,0005.54%
Perfromance Wealth Partners, LLC 1,063,064$89,297,3765.37%
Vanguard Capital Wealth Advisors 54,990$4,619,1605.35%

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