I.G.Y. Ltd holdings history

3 is the total number of securities I.G.Y. Ltd has owned. The longest I.G.Y. Ltd has owned a single stock is 13 quarters.

I.G.Y. Ltd historical holdings. Includes current and past holdings.
Period Weighting Quarter
TickerNameLongestShortestMin.Avg.Max.FirstLatest↓ Count
AMZN AMAZON COM INC131331.60%44.69%53.57%Q1 2020Q1 202313
COST COSTCO WHSL CORP NEW131328.42%32.83%37.60%Q1 2020Q1 202313
BRKA BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC...131317.30%22.48%30.82%Q1 2020Q1 202313

The securities at the top of the list , including AMAZON COM INC, COSTCO WHSL CORP NEW, and BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC DEL, are the highest-conviction holdings of I.G.Y. Ltd.

The conviction is calculated by counting the number of quarters a security has been reported by I.G.Y. Ltd. The higher the number, the higher the conviction and longer the holding period.

This page lists all the securities that I.G.Y. Ltd owns currently or has owned in the past.