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UNITEDHEALTH GROUP INC's ticker is UNH and the CUSIP is 91324P102. A total of 3,042 filers reported holding UNITEDHEALTH GROUP INC in Q1 2023. The put-call ratio across all filers is 0.70 and the average weighting 0.9%.


UnitedHealth Group Inc. is a leading healthcare company that provides a wide range of services to its customers. The company operates through two main segments: UnitedHealthcare and Optum. UnitedHealthcare offers health insurance plans to individuals and employers, while Optum provides healthcare services and technology solutions to healthcare providers and payers.

The company has a strong financial position, with a market capitalization of over $400 billion as of August 2021. UnitedHealth Group has consistently delivered strong financial results, with revenue of $257 billion in 2020 and net income of $15.4 billion.

UnitedHealth Group has also been at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19. The company has provided support to healthcare providers and patients through its Optum unit, which has developed a range of solutions to help manage the pandemic. These solutions include telehealth services, COVID-19 testing, and vaccine distribution.

In addition to its healthcare services, UnitedHealth Group is also committed to social responsibility. The company has a strong focus on sustainability and has set ambitious goals to reduce its environmental impact. UnitedHealth Group is also committed to supporting its communities through charitable giving and volunteerism.

Overall, UnitedHealth Group is a strong and reliable healthcare company that is well-positioned for long-term success. With its focus on innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility, the company is poised to continue delivering value to its customers and shareholders for years to come.

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Quarter-by-quarter ownership
D1 Capital Partners L.P. ownership history of UNITEDHEALTH GROUP INC
Q2 2023$241,377,408
Q1 2023$248,582,340
Q1 2020$79,802,000320,0000.82%
Other shareholders
UNITEDHEALTH GROUP INC shareholders Q1 2023
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
ACCIPITER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC 515,700$72,198,00034.98%
GARRISON BRADFORD & ASSOCIATES INC 101,772$14,248,00013.42%
Veritas Investment Management LLP 420,535$58,877,00011.05%
Veritas Investment Management (UK) Ltd 114,278$15,999,0007.75%
PROVIDENT TRUST CO 976,681$136,735,0007.67%
Veritas Asset Management LLP 4,451,748$623,245,0007.06%
Asymmetry Capital Management, L.P. 27,728$3,882,0006.75%
Maj Invest Holding A/S 409,961$57,395,0006.02%
CSU Producer Resources, Inc. 6,400$896,0005.26%
Stanley Capital Management, LLC 46,380$6,493,0005.13%
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