Himalaya Capital Management LLC holdings history

13 is the total number of securities Himalaya Capital Management LLC has owned. The longest Himalaya Capital Management LLC has owned a single stock is 11 quarters.

Himalaya Capital Management LLC historical holdings. Includes current and past holdings.
Period Weighting Quarter
TickerNameLongestShortestMin.Avg.Max.FirstLatest↓ Count
MU MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC111133.86%49.39%100.00%Q4 2019Q2 202211
BAC BK OF AMERICA CORP101020.63%25.50%36.79%Q1 2020Q2 202210
GOOG ALPHABET INC998.29%10.74%17.77%Q2 2020Q2 20229
FB META PLATFORMS INC888.19%12.57%26.58%Q2 2020Q1 20228
AAPL APPLE INC774.69%5.21%5.57%Q4 2020Q2 20227
SINA Sina Corp662.85%43.84%76.24%Q4 2016Q1 20186
BIDU Baidu Inc667.57%14.69%19.01%Q2 2017Q3 20186
BABA ALIBABA GROUP HLDG LTD314.77%58.99%87.47%Q1 2018Q1 20204
BRKB BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC...4410.07%11.97%13.32%Q3 2021Q2 20224
WB Weibo Corp443.66%5.92%7.57%Q2 2017Q1 20184
PDD PINDUODUO INC441.53%2.45%3.55%Q4 2020Q3 20214
Baidu Inc2296.79%96.97%97.15%Q4 2016Q1 20172
GOOGL ALPHABET INC115.51%5.51%5.51%Q2 2022Q2 20221

The securities at the top of the list , including MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC, BK OF AMERICA CORP, and ALPHABET INC, are the highest-conviction holdings of Himalaya Capital Management LLC.

The conviction is calculated by counting the number of quarters a security has been reported by Himalaya Capital Management LLC. The higher the number, the higher the conviction and longer the holding period.

This page lists all the securities that Himalaya Capital Management LLC owns currently or has owned in the past.