ARK Investment Management Q2 2022 significant ownership

ARK Investment Management is required to file a 13D/G report to the SEC when the ownership of a company's total stock issue exceeds 5%.

ARK Investment Management Q2 2022 significant holdings filed using form 13D/G when ownership exceeds 5% of a company's total stock issue.
Shares Percentage
Twist Bioscience Corp6,267,72111.1%June 09, 2022EDGAR
908 Devices Inc.3,131,38310.1%February 10, 2022EDGAR
Dynamics Special Purpose Corp.2,371,89110.0%February 10, 2022EDGAR
2U, Inc.8,949,46611.9%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Accolade, Inc.5,029,1487.5%February 09, 2022EDGAR
AquaBounty Technologies, Inc.5,326,8577.5%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Archer Aviation Inc.11,306,0207.2%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Arcturus Therapeutics Holdings Inc.2,472,6309.4%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Beam Therapeutics Inc.7,983,40111.7%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Berkeley Lights, Inc.8,006,43511.9%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Blade Air Mobility, Inc.7,941,55711.3%February 09, 2022EDGAR
CareDx, Inc.3,638,7746.9%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Cellectis S.A.2,941,5566.5%February 09, 2022EDGAR
CERUS CORP15,758,0449.2%February 09, 2022EDGAR
CODEXIS, INC.3,244,0405.0%February 09, 2022EDGAR
COMPUGEN LTD9,222,41511.0%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Concord Acquisition Corp3,172,50111.2%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Conformis Inc12,681,4006.8%February 09, 2022EDGAR
CRISPR Therapeutics AG9,087,86811.9%February 09, 2022EDGAR
DraftKings Inc.20,996,5345.2%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Editas Medicine, Inc.4,218,3026.2%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Evogene Ltd.2,515,6576.0%February 09, 2022EDGAR
EXACT SCIENCES CORP13,496,0147.8%February 09, 2022EDGAR
FATE THERAPEUTICS INC10,312,16710.8%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Intellia Therapeutics, Inc.7,916,88210.6%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Invitae Corp26,700,81311.8%February 09, 2022EDGAR
IONIS PHARMACEUTICALS INC7,083,2565.0%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Iridium Communications Inc.10,136,6717.7%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Markforged Holding Corp11,182,2796.0%February 09, 2022EDGAR
MATERIALISE NV6,128,88011.3%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Nano Dimension Ltd./ADR19,876,6208.0%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Nextdoor Holdings, Inc.5,619,9967.1%February 09, 2022EDGAR
PagerDuty, Inc.10,020,91611.6%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Personalis, Inc.4,888,11510.9%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Quantum-Si Inc13,067,15011.1%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Repare Therapeutics Inc.2,980,8367.1%February 09, 2022EDGAR
ROKU, INC6,033,5785.1%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Signify Health, Inc.20,010,32811.7%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Skillz Inc.24,089,4287.1%February 09, 2022EDGAR
STRATASYS LTD.7,654,93211.7%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Teladoc Health, Inc.18,922,19811.8%February 09, 2022EDGAR
TuSimple Holdings Inc.9,873,6145.2%February 09, 2022EDGAR
UiPath, Inc.26,902,9406.1%February 09, 2022EDGAR
VERACYTE, INC.8,222,28111.6%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Vuzix Corp7,240,70011.4%February 09, 2022EDGAR
Khosla Ventures Acquisition Co. II4,281,12610.0%September 10, 2021EDGAR
Soaring Eagle Acquisition Corp.20,571,48311.9%September 10, 2021EDGAR
CM Life Sciences II Inc.2,847,17510.3%July 09, 2021EDGAR
CM Life Sciences, Inc.4,581,27710.4%July 09, 2021EDGAR
HUYA Inc.5,433,9246.5%June 10, 2021EDGAR
ORGANOVO HOLDINGS, INC.674,4549.5%March 10, 2021EDGAR
Syros Pharmaceuticals, Inc.8,589,59813.9%March 10, 2021EDGAR
ExOne Co2,375,33412.4%February 16, 2021EDGAR
LendingClub Corp7,455,1628.2%February 16, 2021EDGAR
LendingTree, Inc.2,010,25515.3%February 16, 2021EDGAR
NanoString Technologies Inc3,917,2738.9%February 16, 2021EDGAR
Proto Labs Inc4,119,92215.4%February 16, 2021EDGAR
Pure Storage, Inc.41,161,24815.1%February 16, 2021EDGAR
Seres Therapeutics, Inc.13,741,25415.1%February 16, 2021EDGAR
CASTLE BIOSCIENCES INC2,552,49710.4%February 10, 2021EDGAR
IOVANCE BIOTHERAPEUTICS, INC.15,297,82210.4%January 11, 2021EDGAR
PLURISTEM THERAPEUTICS INC3,959,34415.4%January 11, 2021EDGAR
Arcturus Therapeutics Ltd.815,1767.6%February 14, 2019EDGAR

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