Mittleman Brothers 13D/G Holdings

Mittleman Brothers holdings
NameFiledShares Percentage
AMC ENTERTAINMENT HOLDINGS, INC.June 03, 20202,263,7954.3%View filing (SEC)
REVLON INC /DE/May 19, 20202,204,1964.1%View filing (SEC)
HC2 HOLDINGS, INC.May 19, 20201,643,0663.5%View filing (SEC)
REVLON INC /DE/January 28, 20202,866,7725.4%View filing (SEC)
HC2 HOLDINGS, INC.January 28, 20202,548,1595.5%View filing (SEC)
AMC ENTERTAINMENT HOLDINGS, INC.January 28, 20202,745,6805.3%View filing (SEC)
REVLON INC /DE/September 19, 20192,763,4955.2%View filing (SEC)
REVLON INC /DE/June 06, 20192,491,1524.7%View filing (SEC)
HC2 HOLDINGS, INC.February 01, 20193,001,2236.7%View filing (SEC)
AMC ENTERTAINMENT HOLDINGS, INC.February 01, 20192,916,0465.6%View filing (SEC)
REVLON INC /DE/October 19, 20173,006,9685.7%View filing (SEC)
REVLON INC /DE/August 22, 20172,831,6835.4%View filing (SEC)
HC2 HOLDINGS, INC.February 01, 20171,653,4864.0%View filing (SEC)
CARMIKE CINEMAS INCJuly 19, 20162,325,0859.5%View filing (SEC)
CARMIKE CINEMAS INCJune 30, 20162,331,2509.5%View filing (SEC)
CARMIKE CINEMAS INCJune 13, 20162,338,7709.5%View filing (SEC)
CARMIKE CINEMAS INCMay 03, 20162,348,7209.6%View filing (SEC)
CARMIKE CINEMAS INCApril 15, 20162,070,3418.4%View filing (SEC)
CARMIKE CINEMAS INCMarch 21, 20161,752,9107.1%View filing (SEC)
CARMIKE CINEMAS INCMarch 08, 20161,755,3457.1%View filing (SEC)
CARMIKE CINEMAS INCFebruary 12, 20161,798,7577.3%View filing (SEC)
CARMIKE CINEMAS INCFebruary 12, 20151,381,2035.7%View filing (SEC)
CARMIKE CINEMAS INCFebruary 06, 20141,445,9276.3%View filing (SEC)
CARMIKE CINEMAS INCFebruary 13, 20131,081,5856.1%View filing (SEC)
DEX ONE CorpFebruary 13, 20132,672,4035.2%View filing (SEC)
LODGENET INTERACTIVE CORPJanuary 11, 201300.0%View filing (SEC)
LODGENET INTERACTIVE CORPMay 07, 20121,585,4986.3%View filing (SEC)
CARMIKE CINEMAS INCFebruary 13, 20121,140,7798.8%View filing (SEC)
CARMIKE CINEMAS INCAugust 08, 2011852,1876.6%View filing (SEC)
RURAL/METRO CORP /DE/February 14, 2011839,7523.3%View filing (SEC)
RURAL/METRO CORP /DE/February 01, 20101,322,6895.3%View filing (SEC)
RURAL/METRO CORP /DE/June 03, 20091,290,2205.2%View filing (SEC)

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