Raffles Associates - ETF MANAGERS TR ownership

ETF MANAGERS TR's ticker is SILJ and the CUSIP is 26924G102. A total of 109 filers reported holding ETF MANAGERS TR in Q4 2022. The put-call ratio across all filers is 0.38 and the average weighting 0.2%.

Quarter-by-quarter ownership
Raffles Associates ownership history of ETF MANAGERS TR
Q1 2023$222,400
Q4 2022$791,25075,0000.93%
Other shareholders
ETF MANAGERS TR shareholders Q4 2022
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
ONE PLUS ONE WEALTH MANAGEMENT, LLC 966,996$9,070,4225.79%
Guild Investment Management, Inc. 170,650$1,600,6972.25%
Nokomis Capital, L.L.C. 647,700$6,075,4262.05%
Nokomis Capital, L.L.C. 449,440$4,215,7471.42%
Ballew Advisors, Inc 120,089$1,144,4480.83%
Sentinus, LLC 202,435$1,898,8430.60%
West Family Investments, Inc. 133,000$1,247,5400.48%
COWEN AND COMPANY, LLC 349,902$3,282,0800.27%
RPg Family Wealth Advisory, LLC 60,762$569,9480.23%
Diametric Capital, LP 53,529$502,1020.22%
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