Conestoga Capital Advisors, LLC Q2 2022 significant ownership

Conestoga Capital Advisors, LLC is required to file a 13D/G report to the SEC when the ownership of a company's total stock issue exceeds 5%.

Conestoga Capital Advisors, LLC Q2 2022 significant holdings filed using form 13D/G when ownership exceeds 5% of a company's total stock issue.
Shares Percentage
Construction Partners, Inc.5,557,26715.2%January 10, 2022EDGAR
DOUGLAS DYNAMICS, INC3,033,62313.2%January 10, 2022EDGAR
EVI INDUSTRIES, INC.1,148,0429.4%January 10, 2022EDGAR
HELIOS TECHNOLOGIES, INC.1,700,6625.2%January 10, 2022EDGAR
LEMAITRE VASCULAR INC1,948,4948.9%January 10, 2022EDGAR
MERCURY SYSTEMS INC3,662,7216.5%January 10, 2022EDGAR
MESA LABORATORIES INC /CO/541,57810.4%January 10, 2022EDGAR
MODEL N, INC.5,179,06714.4%January 10, 2022EDGAR
Omega Flex, Inc.578,6835.7%January 10, 2022EDGAR
PROS Holdings, Inc.3,688,3908.3%January 10, 2022EDGAR
Simulations Plus, Inc.2,327,18711.6%January 10, 2022EDGAR
SPS COMMERCE INC1,886,9145.2%January 10, 2022EDGAR
VOCERA COMMUNICATIONS, INC.2,291,6446.6%January 10, 2022EDGAR
Altair Engineering Inc.2,397,9625.6%January 06, 2021EDGAR
Chefs' Warehouse, Inc.2,152,3757.1%January 17, 2020EDGAR
EXPONENT INC2,608,0215.0%January 17, 2020EDGAR
MGP INGREDIENTS INC1,325,2967.8%January 17, 2020EDGAR
SUN HYDRAULICS CORP1,654,3055.2%January 09, 2019EDGAR
WAGEWORKS, INC.2,380,8046.0%January 09, 2019EDGAR
NVE CORP /NEW/482,22610.0%January 08, 2019EDGAR
EXA CORP1,748,79611.8%January 05, 2017EDGAR
NATIONAL RESEARCH CORP232,9536.6%January 05, 2017EDGAR
NATIONAL RESEARCH CORP458,07713.1%January 06, 2016EDGAR
STAMPS.COM INC847,8975.3%January 14, 2015EDGAR
SCIQUEST INC1,489,8745.4%January 13, 2015EDGAR

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