Greenlight Capital - FIRST TR EXCHANGE-TRADED FD ownership

FIRST TR EXCHANGE-TRADED FD's ticker is FCG and the CUSIP is 33733E807. A total of 111 filers reported holding FIRST TR EXCHANGE-TRADED FD in Q2 2023. The put-call ratio across all filers is 0.57 and the average weighting 0.1%.

Quarter-by-quarter ownership
Greenlight Capital ownership history of FIRST TR EXCHANGE-TRADED FD
Q2 2023$1,362,811
Q1 2023$1,318,321
Q1 2022$829,00034,0000.05%
Other shareholders
FIRST TR EXCHANGE-TRADED FD shareholders Q2 2023
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
Grand Central Investment Group 282,400$6,450,0008.99%
PCG Wealth Advisors, LLC 358,199$8,173,0002.91%
Mivtachim The Workers Social Insurance Fund Ltd. (Under Special Management) 1,404,800$32,085,0002.39%
Fulcrum Equity Management 107,954$2,466,0002.09%
BECK CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC 197,712$4,516,0001.93%
SFG Wealth Management, LLC. 61,971$1,415,0001.91%
Anfield Capital Management, LLC 155,429$3,550,0001.69%
Lionsbridge Wealth Management LLC 43,425$991,0001.42%
SMI Advisory Services, LLC 162,641$3,715,0001.21%
Windmill Hill Asset Management Ltd 84,375$1,927,0001.12%
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