SoftBank Group Q3 2022 significant ownership

SoftBank Group is required to file a 13D/G report to the SEC when the ownership of a company's total stock issue exceeds 5%.

SoftBank Group Q3 2022 significant holdings filed using form 13D/G when ownership exceeds 5% of a company's total stock issue.
Shares Percentage
SoFi Technologies, Inc.45,422,1284.9%August 17, 2022EDGAR
Learn CW Investment Corp6,573,00028.6%June 09, 2022EDGAR
LDH Growth Corp I5,660,00019.7%May 03, 2022EDGAR
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd5,345,061,94424.8%February 14, 2022EDGAR
Baozun Inc.987,5060.5%February 14, 2022EDGAR
ESS Tech, Inc.35,953,69923.8%November 17, 2021EDGAR
Airspan Networks Holdings Inc.13,783,88619.1%August 23, 2021EDGAR
VTEX38,434,58720.2%August 05, 2021EDGAR
Valor Latitude Acquisition Corp.3,738,73113.0%May 17, 2021EDGAR
Afya Ltd8,351,21116.4%May 13, 2021EDGAR
SPRINT Corp3,445,374,48383.8%February 21, 2020EDGAR
Renren Inc.405,388,45138.9%February 08, 2019EDGAR
Fortress Investment Group LLC? ? December 29, 2017EDGAR
ZYNGA INC776,8240.1%February 12, 2014EDGAR
SPRINT NEXTEL CORP590,476,19016.4%June 11, 2013EDGAR
Renren Inc.405,388,45134.5%February 14, 2012EDGAR
1 800 FLOWERS COM INC1,658,6815.8%February 13, 2003EDGAR
PEOPLEPC INCSold out00.0%September 12, 2002EDGAR
E TRADE GROUP INC3,380,8790.9%July 25, 2002EDGAR
ASIA GLOBAL CROSSING LTD85,500,00015.4%February 14, 2001EDGAR
E LOAN INC5,437,79712.9%May 05, 2000EDGAR
CONCENTRIC NETWORK CORPSold out00.0%February 14, 2000EDGAR
USWEB CORPSold out00.0%February 14, 2000EDGAR

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