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COMERICA INC's ticker is CMA and the CUSIP is 200340107. A total of 480 filers reported holding COMERICA INC in Q2 2023. The put-call ratio across all filers is 2.55 and the average weighting 0.1%.


Comerica Inc. is a financial services company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company provides a wide range of banking and financial services to individuals, businesses, and institutions across the United States. Comerica has a strong presence in several key markets, including Texas, California, and Michigan.

Comerica's business model is focused on building long-term relationships with its customers. The company offers a range of products and services, including personal banking, business banking, wealth management, and investment services. Comerica's commitment to customer service has helped it build a loyal customer base and establish a strong reputation in the financial services industry.

Comerica has a strong leadership team, including CEO Curtis C. Farmer and Chairman of the Board Ralph W. Babb Jr. The company has a solid financial position, with strong capital ratios and a history of consistent profitability. Comerica's focus on risk management and prudent lending practices has helped it weather economic downturns and maintain its position as a leading financial services provider.

Overall, Comerica is a well-managed financial services company with a strong reputation and a commitment to customer service. While the company faces challenges in a rapidly changing industry, its focus on building long-term relationships with its customers and maintaining a strong financial position should help it continue to succeed in the years ahead.

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Quarter-by-quarter ownership
Fairholme Capital Management ownership history of COMERICA INC
Q2 2023$2,613,61261,7000.20%
Other shareholders
COMERICA INC shareholders Q2 2023
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
PELHAM GLOBAL FINANCIALS LTD 184,368$16,672,00013.77%
North Reef Capital Management LP 175,000$15,825,0006.47%
THIRD AVENUE MANAGEMENT LLC 331,210$29,952,0004.08%
140 Summer Partners LP 551,853$49,904,0003.95%
rhino investment partners, Inc 89,079$8,055,0003.59%
Forest Hill Capital, LLC 145,000$13,112,0003.46%
FWL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT, LLC 60,413$5,463,0003.37%
BASSWOOD CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, L.L.C. 718,648$64,987,0003.11%
Stieven Capital Advisors, L.P. 221,775$20,055,0002.67%
Point72 Europe (London) LLP 161,474$14,602,0002.50%
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