Par Capital Management - SPOTIFY TECHNOLOGY S A ownership

SPOTIFY TECHNOLOGY S A's ticker is SPOT and the CUSIP is L8681T102. A total of 476 filers reported holding SPOTIFY TECHNOLOGY S A in Q4 2022. The put-call ratio across all filers is 0.89 and the average weighting 0.4%.

Quarter-by-quarter ownership
Par Capital Management ownership history of SPOTIFY TECHNOLOGY S A
Q3 2022$561,0006,5000.02%
Other shareholders
SPOTIFY TECHNOLOGY S A shareholders Q4 2022
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
Technology Crossover Management XI, Ltd. 1,297,323$200,618,02971.45%
Technology Crossover Management VIII, Ltd. 3,618,272$559,529,58249.14%
NIGHTVIEW CAPITAL, LLC 356,100$55,067,30426.62%
KPS Global Asset Management UK Ltd 260,000$40,206,40021.93%
Marcho Partners LLP 269,646$41,698,05712.94%
Spark Investment Management LLC 12,600$1,948,46411.28%
Privium Fund Management B.V. 216,000$33,402,2409.94%
Hyperion Asset Management Ltd 959,270$148,341,5137.14%
Barrier Capital Management, LLC 35,055$5,420,9056.58%
Contour Asset Management LLC 877,965$135,768,5086.46%
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