Avenir Corp Q3 2022 significant ownership

Avenir Corp is required to file a 13D/G report to the SEC when the ownership of a company's total stock issue exceeds 5%.

Avenir Corp Q3 2022 significant holdings filed using form 13D/G when ownership exceeds 5% of a company's total stock issue.
Shares Percentage
Cytosorbents Corp2,187,7825.0%August 11, 2022EDGAR
OptimizeRx Corp704,7564.7%February 05, 2021EDGAR
DENNY'S Corp2,726,5604.9%May 05, 2020EDGAR
Internap Corp1,249,1864.9%May 10, 2019EDGAR
Internap Corp7,966,8779.7%March 27, 2017EDGAR
Iridium Communications Inc.3,252,3783.5%May 23, 2014EDGAR
SUNRISE SENIOR LIVING INC2,627,3874.6%August 30, 2012EDGAR
REDDY ICE HOLDINGS INC942,0364.1%March 30, 2011EDGAR
POZEN INC /NC1,350,8264.5%October 18, 2010EDGAR
Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc.2,005,9064.9%March 31, 2010EDGAR
SAGA COMMUNICATIONS INC181,2345.0%January 04, 2010EDGAR
Basin Water, Inc.1,087,5505.0%May 15, 2009EDGAR
CHIMERA INVESTMENT CORP2,818,2751.6%November 24, 2008EDGAR
NUCO2 INC /FL1,938,39313.1%February 14, 2008EDGAR
PRECISION AUTO CARE INC13,720,09147.3%February 14, 2008EDGAR
CUMULUS MEDIA INC944,2162.6%August 08, 2007EDGAR
SAGA COMMUNICATIONS INC995,7775.6%August 06, 2007EDGAR
NWH INC182,8456.3%May 11, 2006EDGAR
MICROS SYSTEMS INC884,3195.1%February 14, 2003EDGAR
PENN AMERICA GROUP INC972,0108.4%February 14, 2003EDGAR
REPTRON ELECTRONICS INC412,7346.4%February 14, 2003EDGAR
NTELOS INC1,277,2905.3%September 09, 2002EDGAR
MGI PHARMA INC927,5505.6%February 15, 2001EDGAR
PENN VIRGINIA CORP555,5166.7%February 15, 2001EDGAR

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