Soros Fund Management - SOUTHERN CO ownership

SOUTHERN CO's ticker is SO and the CUSIP is 842587107. A total of 1,676 filers reported holding SOUTHERN CO in Q3 2023. The put-call ratio across all filers is 0.94 and the average weighting 0.2%.


Southern Co. is a leading energy company that provides electricity and natural gas to millions of customers across the United States. The company has a strong reputation for reliability and customer service, and has been a trusted provider of energy for over a century.

One of the key strengths of Southern Co. is its commitment to renewable energy. The company has invested heavily in wind and solar power, and is a leader in the development of new technologies that can help reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

In addition to its focus on renewable energy, Southern Co. is also committed to providing affordable and reliable energy to its customers. The company has a strong track record of delivering consistent returns to its shareholders, and has a solid financial position that allows it to invest in new technologies and infrastructure.

Overall, Southern Co. is a well-managed and financially stable company that is well-positioned to succeed in the rapidly changing energy landscape. With its focus on renewable energy and commitment to customer service, the company is poised to continue delivering value to its customers and shareholders for many years to come.

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Quarter-by-quarter ownership
Soros Fund Management ownership history of SOUTHERN CO
Q3 2023$5,824,800
Q1 2023$8,349,600
Q4 2022$2,856,400
Q2 2018$5,579,000120,4620.09%
Other shareholders
SOUTHERN CO shareholders Q3 2023
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
ClearBridge Investments Ltd 2,826,939$182,959,4925.94%
Windle Wealth, LLC 87,892$5,688,3814.24%
DECADE RENEWABLE PARTNERS LP 104,800$6,782,6564.11%
Carson Advisory Inc. 70,767$4,580,0234.01%
Chronos Wealth Management, LLC 80,729$5,224,7813.66%
Merewether Investment Management, LP 790,220$51,143,0383.09%
Aull & Monroe Investment Management Corp 90,151$5,834,5923.04%
Welch Group, LLC 769,637$49,810,9252.95%
HITE Hedge Asset Management LLC 412,388$26,689,7512.87%
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