Soros Fund Management - NEW YORK CMNTY BANCORP INC ownership

NEW YORK CMNTY BANCORP INC's ticker is NYCB and the CUSIP is 649445103. A total of 540 filers reported holding NEW YORK CMNTY BANCORP INC in Q3 2023. The put-call ratio across all filers is 0.90 and the average weighting 0.2%.


New York Community Bancorp Inc. (NYCB) is a bank holding company that operates through its subsidiaries, New York Community Bank and New York Commercial Bank. The company provides a range of banking products and services to individuals and businesses in the New York metropolitan area, including deposit accounts, loans, and mortgages.

NYCB has a strong presence in the multifamily lending market, with a focus on rent-regulated properties. The company has a long history of providing financing to affordable housing projects, and it has continued to do so during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, NYCB has been recognized by the New York State Housing Finance Agency for its efforts to support affordable housing.

In addition to its multifamily lending business, NYCB also offers commercial and industrial loans, commercial real estate loans, and consumer loans. The company has a solid balance sheet, with a low level of nonperforming assets and a strong capital position.

NYCB has faced some challenges in recent years, including a decline in net interest margin due to the low interest rate environment. However, the company has taken steps to mitigate this impact by focusing on fee-based businesses and reducing its reliance on interest income.

Overall, NYCB is a well-managed bank with a strong presence in the New York metropolitan area. While the company faces some challenges, it has a solid business model and a history of supporting affordable housing. Investors looking for exposure to the New York real estate market may want to consider NYCB as a potential investment opportunity.

It's important to note that this information is for educational purposes only and has not been fact-checked. As with any investment, it's important to do your own research and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Quarter-by-quarter ownership
Soros Fund Management ownership history of NEW YORK CMNTY BANCORP INC
Q3 2023$4,989,600
Q3 2018$2,078,000
Q2 2018$10,046,000
Q1 2018$3,683,000282,6860.06%
Other shareholders
NEW YORK CMNTY BANCORP INC shareholders Q3 2023
NameSharesValueWeighting ↓
KAHN BROTHERS GROUP INC 6,293,899$71,372,41411.14%
JCSD Capital, LLC 366,413$4,155,1238.44%
CERTUITY, LLC 3,421,320$38,797,7694.57%
Philadelphia Financial Management of San Francisco, LLC 1,261,670$14,307,3383.64%
PL Capital Advisors, LLC 750,000$8,505,0003.40%
JACOBS ASSET MANAGEMENT, LLC 425,000$4,819,5003.27%
TANG CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC 1,606,600$18,218,8442.57%
Addison Capital Co 259,842$2,9462.29%
683 Capital Management, LLC 2,600,000$29,484,0002.29%
BHZ CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LP 222,950$2,528,2532.09%
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